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    Thank you for your interest in membership in Local 52.  We appreciate your commitment to your development and to promoting the highest global standards in the industry.
    Local 52's mission is to cultivate and deliver the highest quality programs that validate mastery in the field and contribute to the continued improvement of individual and organizational performance.
    This fact sheet will give you an overview.  With this information, which includes eligibility requirements for each craft, you can better set and achieve your goals. It also outlines the body of knowledge that you are expected to understand and upon which you will be tested to earn your union card. In addition, this fact sheet provides detailed information to guide you through the entire process.
    Local 52 welcomes your questions as you prepare.  We wish you success as you pursue your goals.
    John Ford

    I.A.T.S.E., Local 52 (“Local 52”) will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against its members or applicants for membership with regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, or any other protected category covered by law. Consistent with Local 52’s Constitution and By-Laws, should a Local member, officer, Executive Board member, or employee be found to have engaged in harassing, discriminatory, or retaliatory behavior in violation of this policy, such violation shall be referred to the Executive Board for appropriate action, up to and including a warning, fine, suspension, or expulsion from membership.
    Local 52 has a formal Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy, and a formal Complaint Procedure which can be found here:  {Click here to view the Policy}
    Jeanne Marrin
    Director, HR
    Motion Picture Studio
    Mechanics Local 52
    19-02 Steinway Street
    Astoria, NY 11105
    Phone: 718-906-9440 ext. 150 – please read the Admissions Procedure completely before calling the office
    Email: hrdirector@ialocal52.org – email is the preferred method of communication after you have read the procedures completely

    1 Q. Why should I join the union?
    A:  Local 52 has contracts with all major studios that produce content for theatrical, television, and internet distributions.  Most contracts provide for medical coverage and retirement benefits, as well as competitive wages.
    2 Q. What job titles are represented by Local 52?
    A:  Local 52 is divided into the following seven “crafts” that perform different functions on a production:  Property, Grip, Electric, Shopcraft, Sound, Video, and Allied/Medic.  Follow the links below to see job descriptions for the various jobs we do, organized by craft:

    Rigging Gaffer
    Best Boy Electric
    Dimmer Board Operator
    Base Camp Generator Operator
    Generator Operator
    Lighting Department Programmer
    Lamp Operator
    Key Grip
    Best Boy Grip
    Key Rigging Grip
    Key Construction Grip
    Best Boy Construction
    Dolly Grip
    Set Medic
    Property Master
    Special Effects
    Set Dresser 
    Set Decorator
    Shop Craftsman 

    Production Sound Mixer
    Boom Operator
    Sound Utility Technician
    24 Frame Technician

    3 Q. What are the requirements to join Local 52?

    A:  The requirements for membership in Local 52 are:

    • Applicants must be at least 18 years old. 
    • Applicants must meet and provide proof that they meet the residency requirements of the IATSE – see details later in the fact sheet. 
    • Applicants must pay the appropriate fees, listed later in the fact sheet. 
    • OSHA 10 hour safety and Construction Certificate  (not the General Industry Certificate) - The OSHA 10 hour general course provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces in general industry.  This class is not offered at Local 52 but can be taken by approved vendors.  All certificates must be current.  For admissions purposes we consider cards expired 3 years from date of issue.  {Click here for a list.}
    • Aerial Lift certification - A = AERIAL LIFT / SCISSOR LIFT CLASS –  Aerial lifts, also known as boom lifts, bucket trucks, and cherry pickers, are used throughout the film industry.  The most common accidents and fatalities related to aerial lifts are electrocution and falls which represent more than half of OSHA reported fatalities.  To prevent these types of injuries OSHA requires employees to receive training on aerial lifts before using them in the workplace. This class is not offered at Local 52 but can be taken by approved vendors.  All certificates must be current.  For admissions purposes we consider cards expired 3 years from date of issue.  {Click here for a list.}

    Additionally, the following table sets forth specific requirements by craft:

    7 classes YES YES Property Study Guide is available
    SHOP CRAFT 800 MPIPH hours, OR
    Local 52 Education

    4 classes YES YES  
    ELECTRIC 800 MPIPH hours, OR
    3,000 hours or more over 5 years working in an equipment rental house,* OR Local 52 Education
    8 classes  YES YES  
    GRIP 800 MPIPH Hours, OR Local 52 Education 8 classes YES YES Forklift Certificate[**]
    VIDEO Associates or BA/BFA accepted in the field of Communications, Video   or Computer Science OR 2,000 hours or more over 5 years working in an established technical firm (e.g., Apple, Microsoft) working in their video department on commercial grade videos NO  YES NO  
    SOUND 800 MPIPH hours NO YES YES  
    20 days on set plus:
    - Current RN license or paramedic certification with 5 years work experience (either 911 system pre-hospital or Emergency Care in-hospital experience)
    - Current CPR Card
    - Current Malpractice Insurance
    - First Aid review class
    NO NO NO Wilderness Certificate for those without recent RN or paramedic experience  within the last 4 years

    * The following equipment rental houses will be accepted:  Arri Rental (Secaucus, N.J.), Eastern Effects (Brooklyn), Feature System (Moonachie, N.J.), Paramount (L.I.C., N.Y), Luna Lighting (Greenpoint, N.Y.), Xeno Lights (Manhattan), Sene Lease Effects (Brooklyn), KAS Lighting (Astoria), Available Light (N.Y.) and Sourcemaker (N.Y.).

    [**] Forklift certification that is accepted is a 4 hours hands on certificate.

    [***] Local 52 education classes will be assigned to successful applicants.

    4 Q. What is the Residency Requirement?

    A: As per the IATSE, there is an 18-month residency requirement in LOCAL 52 jurisdiction.             
    5 Q. What is Local 52’s Jurisdiction? 

    A: New York State, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania (excluding Pittsburgh), Connecticut.

    6 Q. What proof of residency does an Applicant need to produce?
    A: Applicants need to produce a state-issued driver’s license/ state-issued photo ID within Local 52’s Jurisdiction valid for an 18-month period preceding the Application Date.  Applicants who are unable to produce these documents may alternately produce documents acceptable on the USCIS Form I-9, for identity purposes only.  {Click link here for a list of documents that establish identity}.

    Applicants who cannot show a state-issued driver’s license/ state-issued photo ID covering the previous 18 months may show a current state-issued driver’s license/ state-issued photo ID (or other acceptable proof of identity as outlined above) AND

    • Original payroll stubs
    • Rental receipts or mortgage statements
    • Utility bills (e.g., gas, electric, water, cable)
    • Banking statements, etc.
    These documents must include the applicant’s name and address.

    7 Q. What certifications are specific to the Local 52 MEDIC DEPARTMENT ONLY?
    A: First Aid / Medic Department Applicants must have a First Aid review class.  To be eligible to apply to Local 52 First Aid /Medic Department candidates must have the following:
    • Current RN license or Paramedic certification with 5 years work experience in either 911 system pre-hospital or Emergency Care in-hospital experience
    • Current CPR Card *
    • Current Malpractice Insurance *
    • Those who have not worked alone must present a Medical Wilderness Certificate.
    *CPR certification and Malpractice insurance is mandatory - it is the First Aid /Medics responsibility to submit current cards to the Local.

    8 Q. What documentation is necessary to bring with me to file an application for membership with Local 52?
    A:  Each applicant must bring originals and copies of the following when filing for Local 52 membership:
    • Proof of Certifications (OSHA, aerial lift, forklift, wilderness), as specified for each craft in the table above, as applicable.
    • Proof of Identity as in Q 6 above, as per the IATSE Proof of 18-month residency in Local 52 jurisdiction is required.  Please see above Q 6.
    Applicants will be asked to sign an affidavit that they have the requisite number of payroll hours, if necessary, for their craft.  Local 52 will contact the MPIPH (Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plans) on behalf of all applicants to verify this information.  There will be no facilities available to make copies of your documents during the Admission Period Application Process.

    Membership Checklist

    9. Q. Are there any costs associated with membership in Local 52?
    A:  Yes, there are fees to apply, and once you become eligible to become a member, there are membership fees, initial and annually thereafter.
    10. Q. What is the cost of filing an application?

    A: The Filing Fee is $750.00.  This allows for an approved applicant to take an exam two times.   If you fail the exam two times, you may pay an additional $200 which will allow you to sit for the exam 2 more times.
    The Filing Fee for Medics and Allied Crafts is $150, instead of $750.
    11. Q.  What are the fees associated with membership?

    A:  Upon successfully completing the Craft Test and other eligibility requirements, the following Local 52 Union fees will apply, PAYABLE BEFORE BEING SWORN INTO MEMBERSHIP: 
    INITIATION FEE                                              $2,500.00
    CURRENT DUES AND INSURANCE            $    69.25 – (quarterly)
                                         TOTAL DUE                $2,579.25
    12 Q. How may I pay the fees?

    A:  Local 52 accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, money order, certified check, and cashier's check.  Checks must be made payable to Local 52 in American currency and drawn on a U.S. bank.  Cash or personal checks are not accepted.

    13. Q. Who manages the Application Process at Local 52?
    A: Jeanne Marrin, the Director of Human Resources, who can be reached at 718-906-9440 x26, and through the following email address:  hrdirector@ialocal52.org.
    14. Q. Does Local 52 offer any educational training to help applicants learn the crafts?

    A:  Local 52 is committed to providing ongoing training for applicants interested in each of the crafts.  This program may consist of educational seminars, classes, and hands on participation in the applicant’s category of choice. 
    15. Q. I have read the information listed here, and I have the necessary qualifications to apply for membership.  What is my next step?

    A:  Please gather your documentation and bring your documents with you to the union hall when the Application Acceptance Period is announced. 
    If approved, you will receive a letter that will indicate the next steps in the application process either:  (i) eligibility to take the craft exam,  or (ii) you will be assigned to specified Local 52 training for your craft.  If denied, you will receive a notification of the reason your application is denied.

    16 Q. If my application is approved, what do I need to do to schedule myself to take the Local 52 craft exams or classes?
    A:  Your approval letter will contain detailed information regarding the Local 52 Educational classes, testing procedures and the schedule for both.

    17 Q.  Why might an application be denied?
    A: Your application may be denied for several reasons, including:
    • Incomplete application
    • Missing documentation
    • Failure to meet eligibility requirements 
    Local 52 will communicate with you about application issues and help to resolve them, if possible.
    Applications must be submitted by the published deadline.  Applications will not be accepted after the application closing date. You are responsible for meeting all application deadlines.
    18 Q. If my application has been denied, what can I do?

    A:  Local 52 may deny an application if any of the following is determined:
    • The applicant is under 18 or is not a resident of a Local 52 jurisdiction;
    • The work experience included in the application fails to meet the eligibility requirements;
    • The candidate is missing certifications of completion required for that craft; or
    • Information on the application was falsified or misrepresented.
    If you received a letter from Local 52 denying your application, you may appeal this decision in writing to Local 52.  To initiate an appeal, follow the instructions on the Application Eligibility Appeal Procedure that can be found here and submit the required documents within five (5) business days of receipt of the application decision.
    Local 52 will review the appeal and render a decision within five (5) business days after the appeal is received. 
    19 Q. What if there is inclement weather on the day of my scheduled exam?

    A:  If there is severe weather, a local emergency or a national emergency near the testing center, go to www.iatselocal52.org for updates on closures or delays.
    20 Q. What happens if I do not show up for the test?

    A:  You are considered a "no show" (and will not receive a refund) if you:
    • Arrive late on the exam day.
    • Do not show up for the exam day.
    • Do not have proper identification. 
    If any of these events occurs, the applicant will be considered an exam failure.
    21 Q. What if I have a Personal or Medical Emergency?

    A:  You may request a refund if a medical or personal emergency prevents you from rescheduling or withdrawing from your exam appointment.   $75 of the Application Fee is not refundable – the Processing Fee.  Send a written request and documentation of the medical or personal emergency to the Director HR within thirty (30) days of the end of the testing period to be considered for a refund. The Director of HR will review each request and inform you of the decision via email. Requests sent after this timeframe will not be considered.
    A medical or personal emergency is an unplanned event that prevents you from taking the exam and occurs within seventy-two (72) hours of the exam date.  A medical or personal emergency may apply to yourself or to one of your immediate family members (spouse, domestic partner, child, or parent as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act.) Minor medical events or personal obligation that may happen on or near the exam date in which candidates can schedule, reschedule, or cancel the exam, are not considered medical or personal emergencies.
    22 Q. How do I prepare for the Exam?

    A: No two candidates come to the exam with the same knowledge base, as experience and educational background vary. Most candidates spend time studying and preparing for the exams. The exams measure how well a candidate can apply his/her knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is not possible to train for or teach to the exam by reading certain books or memorizing specific information.  Certain Crafts have mandated training to prepare applicants for the exams.
    23 Q. What if I need a Special Testing Accommodation?

    Local 52 complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to accommodate candidates who need special arrangements to take our exams and classes.
    A person with a professional license or credential must complete the Documentation of Disability-Related Needs section.  The description must include the type of disability, an explanation of past accommodations made for the disability, and the specific accommodation requested.
    As early as possible prior to exam day, you must submit your request to allow the Local 52 to evaluate and make the requested accommodation.
    24 Q. What can I expect on Exam Day?
    A:  Only approved candidates are admitted access to take the exams.  Upon arrival, candidates must present proof of their identity.  You will be informed in email/letter and by the instructors for Local 52 training what to expect and what you should bring to the test site on exam day.
    25 Q. What form of ID will I need to be allowed to take the exam?
    A: The following are acceptable forms of government-issued identification:
    • Valid driver's license or state issued non driver id card
    • Valid military identification card
    • Valid passport
    • Valid national identification card
    You must have proper identification to take the exam. If your primary ID does not have your photo or signature, you must show a second ID that contains the information that is missing. The name on the second ID must be the same as the name on the first ID.
    The following are acceptable forms of secondary identification:
    • Valid employer identification card
    • Valid credit card with signature
    • Valid bank card with photo
    The following are not acceptable forms of identification: 
    • Social Security card
    • Library card 
    If your last name is hyphenated, your ID must match at least one of the hyphenated last names. Additionally, your signature must match the signature on the ID, and the picture on the ID must match the person presenting it.
    Note:  You will not be permitted to take the exam, and your fees will NOT be refunded if you do not have proper identification.

    Jennifer Lincoln-Murphy Jennifer Lincoln Yes
    Jennifer Lincoln Jennifer Murphy No
    J.P. Smith John P. Smith Yes
    John P. Smith Jack Smith No
    Jeffrey C. Johnson Jeffrey Charles Johnson Yes
    Jeffrey Johnson Jeffrey Charles Johnson Yes
    Note: Photo and signature must match the individual presenting them.

    26 Q. Does the testing center have any rules?

    The following rules are enforced to ensure a secure, fair, and consistent test experience for all test takers:
    • Arrive at Local 52 at least thirty (30) minutes before your exam time. You must have a valid, unexpired, government-issued ID with both your photograph and your signature (see above). If you miss your appointment or do not have a valid photo ID, you cannot take the exam and will lose all your fees. If you are late for your appointment, you will not be admitted to the test facility and will be considered a no show.
    • You may be asked to empty and turn out your pockets.
    • You cannot leave the test center or use a mobile device during the test.  Your exam will not count if you leave the test center or use a mobile device. Study materials may not be reviewed during the examination.  Doing so will result in the termination of your examination, and your exam result will be invalidated.
    • You cannot look at study materials after you arrive at the test site facility.
    • You cannot smoke or take a smoke break during the exam. 
    NOTE: Cheating is not permitted.  You cannot disclose, publish, reproduce, or transmit any part of the exam, in any form, by any means, verbal, written or electronic, for any purpose. Violation may result in disqualification and failure on the exam.

    27 Q. What if I want to report any problems that occurred during my testing experience?
    A:  On the day of testing, report any problems with equipment to your proctor.
    To report any problems that occurred during your testing experience that you feel may have impacted your exam results, call or email Jeanne Marrin, Director of HR, at 718-906-9440 ext. 26 or hrdirector@ialocal52.org within 72 hours of taking the exam.  The Director of HR will obtain additional information as needed.
    28 Q. What happens if I fail the Craft Written or Practical Test?

    A: If the Applicant fails one or more of the Tests for the “first” time, he/she can reapply a “second” time, at no extra cost.  If the applicant fails the test two times, he/she can reapply for a third application at a cost of $200.00. That $200.00 administrative fee will also cover an additional application and the applicant will be able to take the exam a fourth time, should the applicant fail for a third consecutive time.  This cycle as described will repeat itself should the Applicant continue to reapply and fail.
    If you fail, you will receive your individual score, indicating how far away from the passing point you were. This information may help you understand how to prepare for a similar version of the exam in the future.
    29 Q.  What should I do if I change my address?

    A:  Local 52 sends mailed correspondence to your mailing address. Therefore, it is important that your profile record contain your most current contact information. If your address changes, please send an email to: hrdirector@ialocal52.org.
    30 Q. When can I expect to receive my exam results?

    A:  Individual examination results are considered confidential. Exam results are released only to the individual candidate unless a signed release is provided in advance. Final exam results are issued by mail or email within six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Results are not released by phone or fax. 
    31 Q. May I request a review of my Craft Exam?

    A:  You may request a review of your exam results up to one (1) month after receiving your exam results.  To request a review, complete the Review of Exam Result Form and submit the form using the mailing address on the form.  Because of the secure nature of these examinations, Local 52 will not disclose examination questions prior to, or after, the exam.  A candidate's responses to particular test questions (correct or incorrect) will not be disclosed.  You will be notified if you fail the practical exam at the exam site.  An applicant who fails the practical exam will not be able to progress to other practical or written exams.  You will be advised about the number of exam questions you failed on the written exam in total and if possible, by what Section of the exam.  If an exam is not divided into Sections, you will be advised of the subject matter or areas in which you failed one or more questions. 

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